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Welcome to Finastor

Finastor Ltd offers a wide range of financial services. You can outsource your company's financial management to us entirely or in part. In addition to providing external accounting services, we also offer services for the development of your company's internal accounting.

Our services also include support services when your company does have plans to start operations in Finland.

We can carry out external and internal accounting through the financial management system you already have, which we access remotely. Our services can also be delivered using Finastor's financial management systems. We can also work together to find and tender to you a new financial management system. We make sure the system adapts to the development in the management of your operations.

We offer you diverse accounting skills, as well as rapid and real-time access to information.

We always tailor our service to the client's needs and processes.

Our services are flexible and easily customized to a client’s changing needs.

We currenty operate with the following ERP - solutions:

  • Oracle Netsuite
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Microsoft Business Central
  • Procounter
  • Netvisor
  • Lemonsoft
  • Netbaron
  • Pupesoft
  • Tisma

Finastor Consulting Ltd.

Our process care will take you there

We help you develop your operations through digitalization and process expertise. We use the most efficient digital cloud solutions for administration and financial management today. Around these, we will build with you a comprehensive process and solution package that guides and enhances your operational activities.

  • Finastor knows the requirements of your business from the everyday routines of operational activities to financial management, internal accounting, and accounting processes.
  • Companies change their IT solutions that guide their operations on average every ten years, and the tasks and measures related to procurement and commissioning are not part of the company's normal everyday life. At Finastor, we do this for a living, we make sure that our customer has tools, solutions that genuinely add value and improve the company's competitiveness for the business, its growth and development.
  • The driving force behind all our customer projects is the development of operations and processes as well as the competence of customers personnel. Leading with Knowledge - based management are the key drivers of our projects
  • Our process care will take you there - we bring to projects strong accumulated expertise with the experience of more than 200 ERP projects.  We make sure that projects are successful, that all personnel are involved and that the systems are in use on time.

  • We implement system entities for business that develop and scale in a changing environment.