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Seija Ropponen

Financial management and internal accounting development projects since 1990.

During her career, Seija has been responsible for the financial administration, Group-, internal- accounting and reporting of domestic and foreign companies.

Seija has assisted in the implementation of numerous Finnish and foreign companies and financial management solutions.

Henri Fagerholm

Expert of a business process development and leadership.

Henri has managed numerous projects, development and maintenance teams, led task forces aimed at creating more efficient business processes and new services.

A specialist in project management, ERP - platforms, ICT - management and business processes.

Mika Ropponen

Process development and IT projects since 1992. Experienced in more than 100 ERP projects so far.

Mika has guided multiple companies to achieve effective business modes and practices. Mika has led numerous ERP process development and ERP implementation projects.

A specialist in business strategy planning and implementing process models to customer companies.

Our process care will take you there.