Finastor services

Professional services:
  • Budgeting Development of financial management practices
  • Management reporting
  • Financial management education
  • Other professional services for clients
Accounts Ledger:
  • Accounts Payable 
  • Accounts Receivable 
  • Recovery
  • Billing according to written instructions issued by the client 
  • Recording of accounting entries from balance statements and transfers to the accounts ledger 
  • Other related work for clients
Accounting services:
  • Matching the ledger accounts
  • VAT calculations, monitoring the accuracy of entries and resulting records
  • Monthly VAT reporting
  • Other related accounting work for clients
Payroll services:
  • Submittal of employer's monthly statement electronically
  • Submittal of the annual TyEL statement to the pension insurance company
  • Submittal of the annual employer's declaration to the tax authority
  • Other related payroll service for clients
Financial statement services:
  • Accruals and deferred items in the monthly accounts
  • Submittal of tax reports • Financial statements and interim financial statements
  • Subsequent correction of entries made by the client
  • Other related financial statement service for clients